(Mezzanine Floor)

If you have something that you would like to have framed but are not sure if it is possible, bring it to us for FREE advice and a quotation. None of us like surprises on costs, so we much prefer to provide accurate quotations before we start any work.

It might be that holiday souvenir, a family treasure, a piece of your own work, or just something that you really like. They all probably deserve to be displayed and enjoyed, rather than being shut away in the back of a cupboard or drawer.

Our workshop is at 74 St Leonard's Road, Hythe, Kent CT21 6HW.

Visitors are welcome by appointment but if you wish to select picture mouldings and mount board colours, it is best to try and get to us at The Malthouse as all our samples are kept here.

Website: fairlightframes.co.uk

Phone: 01303 238809

07523 346173