Colin's Coins



Colin's Coins


Stall 32

Buying coins, banknotes and medals.

I buy gold (coins and other items, etc )

Paying cash for goods purchased.

A selection of coins, medals and other items to purchase at my stall.

I am interested in purchasing any types of small militaria including medals

 and cap badges.

I am at The Malthouse between 10am and 4pm. 

 If you have something to sell it would be preferable if you would visit me 

in the morning.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07787 732238

PLEASE NOTE: I receive many calls every day with regard to 50p coins and £2 coins. I would request that you do not call me with regard to these particular coins. Media coverage and eBay scam sales of these coins can be misleading. This may encourage those who find one in their change or have collected them, that the coins they have are worth a lot of money, when in almost every case they are not. Thanks

If you do have a 50p or £2 coin that seems interesting I would suggest you look on the Advanced page on eBay and look at how much the majority of listings with your particular coin has sold for rather than looking at the highest price sale - if there are 50 sales of your coin selling for £3.99 and one that sold for £400 / £2,000, etc.. then I would ask you to wonder which one is the scam.