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A good range of second hand books paperbacks and hardbacks in the fiction section. 

These extend from £1.50 books to £4 for general reading. Amongst these books are rare, out of print books which are competitively priced. 

Below gives a glimpse of the fiction available at Brenda Books.

Fiction Authors A-Z  

Ted Allbeury

A Choice of Enemies (1972). The book was set in occupied Germany and based directly on Allbeury’s wartime experiences in the Allied military government.

“Ted Bailey thought his days as an Intelligence Operative were long gone. He certainly wasn’t expecting to be blackmailed back into action, especially not by his own side. But then Bailey is the only person left who ever encountered Berger, the KGB master-spy. Berger is running a major operation on US soil and both the CIA and SIS are desperate to track him down. So Bailey returns to the arena of international espionage and finds that little has changed. The spy game is just the same, even after 25 years. There’s the same brutality. The same cold fear. The same violence and death. And the same choice of enemies.”

£3 at Brenda Books 

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